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Meet the Commitee

Honorary President - Arthur Bickley


Although normally considered a ceremonial role the President still has a place as a fully functioning commitee member


Best fishing memory - Catching 2x 2lb roach on same day.

Favourite flavour jelly - Lime

Aims for RAC - To leave the club better than I found it.

Hobbies outside angling - Mainly sleeping

Favourite method - Stick float on a river.



Chairman - Mike Bickley

The Chairman’s role is to control all meetings of The Club, ensuring that the meetings are conducted in an orderly manner as per the rules of The Club


Best fishing memory - 6 double figure pike in 45 minutes on Loch Ken.

Favourite ABBA track -  The Visitors

Aims for RAC - To contiune to develop the club into an amenity that Reddish can be proud of.

Hobbies outside angling -  watching Formula 1.

Favourite method - Floating caster on the waggler. (currenlty not permitted on Jacksons !)



Club Secretary - Helen Stanfield


The Secretary’s role is to co-ordinate in conjunction with the other members of the committee and the membership in general, the activities of The Club. The Secretary must correspond and liaise with the various external bodies that impact on The Clubs activities.


Worst fishing memory  - Diving into a pond fully clothed 13 years ago to retrieve Debbies new rod. My clothes turned green and it was fecking freezing. Trying to get warm in a camping shower block.. 

Aims for RAC - I have seen my aims for RAC over the last 4 years have been completed. I want the club to continue to thrive.

Hobbies outside angling - I enjoy jigsaws and am a big gamer..zombie bashing. 

Favourite method - I like shallow fishing on the pole in the summer.



Treasurer - Mark Williamson


The Treasures is responsible for the keeping of proper and correct records of The Clubs finances, providing an audited final account of each year’s finances which is given to the members at the AGM.



Junior Secretary - Paul Wright


The Junior Secretary’s duties are to encourage and develop the junior section of the club. 


Best fishing memory - The carp taking my pole at Townsend fisheries

Favourite cartoon - Tom and Jerry

Aims for RAC - To encourage more junior anglers.

Hobbies outside angling - Watching Man United.

Favourite method - Pole.



Match Secretary - Simon Williamson


The Match Secretary’s responsibility is the organization and running of The Clubs angling matches.





Fisheries Officer - Steve Feast 

The Fisheries Officers responsibility is for the water in The Clubs ponds and everything in there, i.e. fish stocks, plants, weeds and other aquatic life.








Banks officer  - Laurie French.


The Banks Officer is responsible for everything above the waterline on The Clubs pond, i.e. the banks, pegs, trees and other flora.






Best fishing memory - Fishing in Enniskillen during the hight of the troubles.

Aims for RAC - To get more members involved with work parties. 
Hobbies outside angling - Climbing and Hiking.
Favourite method - Pole.



Membership Secretary - Paola Bickley


The membership secretary is tasked with keeping an accurate and up to date record of the members of the club, including meeting and work-party attendances.


Best fishing memory - Catching eels on the Severn.

Favourite Beatles song - Eleanor Rigby

Favourite fishing venue  - Loch Ken

Hobbies outside angling - Arts and crafts & gardening.

Favourite method - Feeder.



Head Bailiff - Archie Davies

The Head Bailiff’s responsibility is for policing the clubs pond.






Best fishing memory - Winning the Winter League 2016/17

Favourite type of cake  - I love them all.

Aims for RAC - To one day have our own electric and water on Jacksons.

Hobbies outside angling -  Supporting Man United.

Favourite method - Pole Fishing.



Deputy Head Bailiff - Mark Wheatcroft


Mark assists Archie in the policing of the clubs waters.








Best Fishing Memory - caught 100lb at Whiteacres.

Favourite cartoon character - Donald Duck.

Aims for RAC - Ensure that the club is well run

Hobbies outside angling - Walking

Favourite method - Pole



Minutes Secretary - Position Vacant

The Minutes secretary maintains an accurate record of the clubs Committee, General and Annual General meetings.






General Purpose Committee Members 

G.P. committee members work in a supporting capacity, each lending their areas of expertise to improve the decision making and democratic processes within the committee. They may also have a specific area of focus that is relevant to their individual skills.




General Purpose Committee Members  - Dave Wheddon.


Dave is generally considered one of the clubs top anglers. Well known for fishing in his shorts in anything other than artic conditions.


Dave's contributons are mainly focused on the fish stocks and sunbathing.





General Purpose Committee Member - Sam Bickley


Sam works in a largley administrative capacity assiting with health and safety risk assessments, providing costings for potential projects etc. He also assists with procedural matters.

Club Championship Table

Championship Tables.


Deck Direct

Summer League.

Final Positions.
*Worst result deducted


1st Mike Bickley 54pts

2nd Ian Mackenzie 57pts

3rd Paola Bickley 67pts

4th Paul Slee 73pts

5th Mark Wheatcroft 78pts

6th Mike Charalambous 88pts

7th Mark Williamson 91pts

8th Lee Cherry 92pts

9th Helen Stanfield 99pts

10th Steve Feast 102pts

11th Paul Henderson 109pts

12th John Caiger 112pts

13th Archie Davies 124pts

14th Tom Cherry 125pts

J15th Adam MacSmith 130pts

J15th Simon Williamson 130pts

16th Lewis Carter 135pts

17th Eric Fisher 138pts

J18th Alan Beverley 139pts

J18th Graham Howe 139pts

19th Paul Wright 143pts

20th Pete Lindley 147pts

21st Dave Wheddon 148pts

22nd Jack Walton 153pts

23rd Dennis Downes 157pts

24th Gary Speight 158pts

J25th Mike Downs 161pts

J25th Rob Houlton 161pts

J26th Pete Johnson 163pts

J26th Josh Jones-Wright 163pts



Tuesday Night League

*Worst result deducted


1st Wayne Slee 9pts

2nd Paul Slee 17pts

3rd  Mike Bickley 32pts

4th Helen Stanfield 34pts

5th Archie Davies 37pts

6th Lee Cherry 46pts

7th Ian Mackenzie 47pts

8th Steve Feast 66pts

9th Dave Wheddon 82pts

10th Pete Johnson 96pts

12th Eric Fisher 98pts

13th Paul Henderson 103pts



Winter League Table
*Worst Result Deducted


J1st John Caiger 14pts

J1st Matt Pinnock 14pts

2nd Paul Henderson 15pts

3rd Steve Feast 23pts

4th Archie Davies 28pts

5th Mike Charalambous 30pts

6th Tom Cherry 46pts

J7th Ian Mackenzie 48pts

J7th Wayne Slee 48ts

J8th Adam Harraughty 52pts

J8th Gary Speight 52pts

9th Mark Wheatcroft 59pts

10th Mike Bickley 66pts

11th Alan Beverley 67pts

12th Pete Lindley 70pts

13th Lee Cherry 71pts

14th Pete Johnson 73pts


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