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Meet the Commitee

Honorary President - Arthur Bickley


Although normally considered a ceremonial role the President still has a place as a fully functioning commitee member


Best fishing memory - Catching 2x 2lb roach on same day.

Favourite flavour jelly - Lime

Aims for RAC - To leave the club better than I found it.

Hobbies outside angling - Mainly sleeping

Favourite method - Stick float on a river.



Chairman - Mike Bickley


The chairman is responsible for running the clubs meetings, ensuring that they are conducted as per the rules of the club.


Best fishing memory - 314lb at Townsend Fisheries, Cambs.

Favourite ABBA song - The Visitors

Favourite fishing venue  - Loch Ken

Hobbies outside angling - Keen follower of F1

Favourite method - Feeder, pole a close 2nd.




Club Secretary - Position Vacant


The Secretary’s role is to co-ordinate with the other members of the committee and the membership in general, the activities of The Club. The Secretary must correspond and liaise with the various external bodies that impact on The Clubs activities.  







Treasurer - Simon Williamson


The Treasurer is responsible for the keeping of proper and correct records of The Clubs finances, providing an audited final account of each year’s finances which is given to the members at the AGM.



Match Secretary - Paul Slee 


The Match Secretary’s responsibility is the organization and running of The Clubs angling matches.


Best fishing memory - Holding the venue record at Townsend Fisheries with 197lb

Favourite bus route - 135 to Bury

Aims for RAC - Encourage more juniors to take up angling.

Hobbies outside angling - Anything to do with cars

Favourite method - Margin fishing



Fisheries Officer 

The Fisheries Officers responsibility is for the water in The Clubs ponds and everything in there, i.e. fish stocks, plants, weeds and other aquatic life. At present this responsibility is being shared by the whole committee as part of the regeneration program that is being carried out. Any member who is interested in the role should contact the committee to see how they can firstly be a part of the team that restores the fishing on jacksons to the way that we all remember. 




Banks officer  - Mark Wheatcroft


The Banks Officer is responsible for everything above the waterline on The Clubs pond, i.e. the banks, pegs, trees and other flora.









Membership Secretary - Simon Thewlis


The membership secretary is tasked with keeping an accurate and up to date record of the members of the club, including meeting and work-party attendances.


Best fishing memory - Catching, what was then, the biggest carp in Jacksons, back in 1990 !

Favourite food -  Christmas Dinner.

Favourite fishing venue  -  The Isle, Shrewsbury.

                                                 Hobbies outside angling - Watching Man City

                                                 Favourite method - Waggler.



Head Bailiff - Lee Cherry


The Head Bailiff’s responsibility is for policing the clubs pond.


Best fishing memory - catching a 16lb common on Jackson's

Favourite fossilised animal - The fish in this picture.

Aims for RAC - keep pond tidy and safe. Look after the wildlife like the kingfisher,  etc and make the pond a friendly and safe place to fish for future generations.

Hobbies outside angling -  Collecting fossils.

Favourite method - The method feeder.


Lee is helped in his role by Assistant Bailiffs


Daniel Russell


All club members are bailiffs, but If you would like to volunteer to be an "official" bailiff get in touch with Lee. 



General Purpose Committee Members 

G.P. committee members work in a supporting capacity, each lending their areas of expertise to improve the decision making and democratic processes within the committee. They may also have a specific area of focus that is relevant to their individual skills.



General Purpose Committee Member  - Dave Wheddon.


Dave is generally considered one of the clubs top anglers. Well known for fishing in his shorts in anything other than artic conditions.


Dave's contributons are mainly focused on the fish stocks and sunbathing.






General Purpose Committee member - Mark Williamson


Following his second spell as club treasurer, Mark continues to serve the club as a general purpose committee member where his wealth of experience greatly helps in the running of the club.

Club Championship Table

Summer League.


1. Chris Bickley 39pts

2. Mike Bickley 38pts

3. Mark Wheatcroft 30pts

4. Chris Ridgeway 28pts

5. Paul Slee 23pts

6. Wayne Slee 21pts

7. Jack Walton 18pts

8. Dave Parry 15pts

9. Dave Wheddon 14pts

J10. Tom Cherry 13pts

J10. Dean Slee 13pts

12. Lee Cherry 11pts

13. Danek Imiolek 8pts

14. Daniel Russell 0pts


Tuesday Night League Table


1st Jim Fleming 28pts

2nd Lee Cherry 27pts

3rd Mike Bickley 26pts

J4th Rob Holtom 14pts

J4th Paul Slee 14pts




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