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Record fish


Here's a list of the biggest fish of each species that have been caught on Jackson's. We appreciate that there may have been bigger examples caught throughout the clubs 71 year history. Anyone wishing to submit a claim to a biggest fish must provide evidence. The committee will consider each claim based on the quality of the evidence provided. The list should grow as time passes.


Common Carp (UK record 64lb 6oz)


12.09.21 Bob Kelly 24lb 0oz

20.04.22 Paul Slee 23lb 8oz

04.10.21 Steve Sidwell 22lb 12oz

03.08.22 Tom Dallinger 21lb 10oz

21.09.22 Louie Brown 21lb 6oz

15.05.21 Lee Cherry 20lb 15oz

28.08.22 Louie Brown 20lb

05.07.16 Archie Davies 19lb 15oz

31.10.20 Mike Bickley 19lb 15oz



Mirror Carp (UK record 68lb 1oz)


31.05.22 Jim Fleming 19lb 12oz

1991 Simon Thewlis 19lb




Crucian carp (UK record 4lb 12oz)


09.10.22 Mike Bickley 2lb 12oz

05.10.21 Archie Davies 2lb 8oz

24.07.22 John Bartley 2lb 1oz




Koi / Fancy carp (probably just "Jaffa")


21.08.19 Lee Cherry 4lb 12oz

13.04.18 Barry Dunworth 3lb 6oz



Barbel (UK record 21lb 2oz)


19.07.22 Laurie French 3lb 10oz

19.07.22 Laurie French 3lb 4oz

19.07.22 Laurie French 2lb 12oz



Bream (UK record 22lb 11oz)


09.10.22 Archie Davies 5lb 6oz



Roach (UK record 4lb 4oz)




Chub (UK Record 9lb 5oz)


19.04.17 Laurie French 2lb 12oz

12.02.15 Archie Davies 2lb 0oz




Ide (UK record 8lb 5oz)


16.10.22 Mike Bickley 1lb 6oz




Tench (UK record 15lb 3oz)


05.10.21 Mike Raida 4lb 0oz




Rudd (UK record 4lb 10oz)



Perch UK Record 6lb 3oz)




Gudgeon (UK record 5oz)



Club Championship Table

Summer League.

Final Positions.


1. Mike Bickley 52pts

2. Mark Wheatcroft 45pts

3. Chris Bickley 39pts

4. Jack Walton 31pts

5. Chris Ridgway 28pts

J6. Lee Cherry 23pts

J6. Paul Slee 23pts

8. Wayne Slee 21pts

9. Danek Imiolek 19pts

10. Dave Parry 15pts

11. Dave Wheddon 14pts

J12. Tom Cherry 13pts

J12. Dean Slee 13pts

14. Rob Holtom 10pts

15. Mark Bowden 9pts

16. Louie Brown 8pts

J17. Daniel Russell 0pts

J17 Dave Yates 0pts

J17 Luke Yates 0pts


Tuesday Night League Table

Final positions.


1st Jim Fleming 100pts

2nd Lee Cherry 96pts

3rd Mike Bickley 92pts

4th Rob Holtam 68pts

5th Paul Slee 41pts

6th Jack Walton 39pts

7th Mark Bowden 22pts

8th Wayne Slee 15pts

9th Danny Russell 14pts

J10th Louis Brown 0pts

J10th John Turnbull 0pts



Winter League

Current standings*.


1st Mike Smith 3pts

J2nd Mike Bickley 5pts

J2nd Dave Wheddon 5pts

3rd Matt Pinnock 8pts

4th Mark Bowden 10pts

J5th Jim Fleming 11pts

J5th Chris Ridgway 11pts

6th Danek Imiolek 12pts

7th Tom Robinson 13pts

J8th Chris Bickley 14pts

J8th Rob Holtom 14pts

J8th Dave Parry 14pts

9th Paul Wright 15pts

10th Jack Walton 17pts

11th Graham Howe 19pts


* Worst 2 results will be deducted.

Lowest score wins.

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