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  • Matt P (Wednesday, October 26 22 02:23 pm BST)

    We have now secured Weston Pools in Oswestry for the 2023 Reddish AC festival.
    The festival has limited spaces and these will be given on a first come first serve basis.
    17 places available

    Festival dates are
    01/04/2023 & 02/04/2023

    Weston Pools do offer accomodation for those wishing to stay over. You can book your digs by contacting them direct.

    More details will follow nearer the time.

    If you do wish to fish the festival please contact Rob or Matt

  • Matt P (Thursday, October 20 22 08:16 am BST)

    Hi everyone,
    November 6th is the first winter league match of the series.
    we currently have 11 anglers signed up, if you fancy joining the league please contact Matt or Rob. Closing date for names is 30th October 2022.
    This allows us time to organise league table and other bits and bats!

    All RAC Members are welcome, transport for those who don't drive will be arranged as much as we physically can for the away matches. We will do everything possible to get everyone sorted.

  • Melvym Betts (Thursday, September 15 22 09:20 pm BST)

    I would just like to say. Thanks to the committee and members. For making me feel welcome at the club meeting. and my first visit ti the club water.

  • Chris (Thursday, March 17 22 10:42 pm GMT)

    Hello this is a message for Scott Duffy. My name is Chris & l meet your late dad a long time ago. Would you please email me back if possible.

  • Mike Bickley (Monday, July 19 21 08:03 pm BST)

    Hi Chris, have replied to you via email.



  • Christopher Flood (Monday, July 19 21 03:29 pm BST)

    Hi I enquired a couple of months ago about joining the club and was told we were on the waiting list just wondering if any space has become available yet thanks

  • miike bickley (Thursday, October 29 20 09:16 pm GMT)

    Hi Daniel, I'll pass your details to Laurie if thats ok with you. regards Mike

  • daniel torme (Sunday, October 25 20 09:13 am GMT)

    I might be a bit late but did the boat get sorted?
    I have lots of experience with fibreglass roofs not so much boats but I’m sure there’s not much difference also i have some stock of GRP gear which I’m willing to use free of charge plus labour.
    My phone number should be on file if I can help please get in touch

  • Mike (Thursday, July 02 20 08:52 am BST)

    Daniel, they may have been posted to the clubs Facebook page or shared by Facebook messenger.

  • daniel (Wednesday, July 01 20 11:11 pm BST)

    Thanks mike.
    I’ve spoke to a few members and they said they have saw the fish I caught a few days ago
    How do I see these pictures

  • Mike Bickley (Wednesday, July 01 20 11:01 pm BST)

    HI Daniel, forward them to me at and I'll upload them. Regards Mike

  • daniel torme (Wednesday, July 01 20 10:48 pm BST)

    Good Evening

    Could someone help me out please I’d like to post some pictures and believe there is a part on here I can see other’s pictures
    Thanks dan

  • Laurie French (Friday, October 25 19 06:09 pm BST)

    Thursday 24th. Couple of nice carp caught snapped by a third, 3 large Bream and a couple of Roach otherwise a slow day. Have to work to find them typical for this time of year.

  • Archie Davies (Thursday, September 05 19 10:23 am BST)

    I fished Jacksons this week and had a good day. Among my catch were Carp,Barbel, Roach, Perch,small skimmers and a couple of decent sized Hybrids. Ican honestly say that I enjoyed my day.

  • Mike Downs (Friday, July 26 19 04:24 pm BST)

    Listening to the comments at the last meeting regarding the amount of silver fish that are being caught and Laurie's comments on the forum, as well as the poor match returns, I can't help but draw your notice to the similar situation that we had several years ago. This was of course blamed on Cormorants as we had no idea as to what else could cause the downturn in the catch rate. There was as now many sightings of these birds on the pond.
    At the time we engaged the help of the Environment Agency to advise on the state of the fish stocks. Although their findings and remedy were regarded at the time to be quite controversial and upset certain sections of the membership, the results were quite dramatic and there was a vast improvement in the quality of the fish stocks as well an improved level of sport.
    Before we embark on a knee jerk reaction and blame everything on the Cormorant problem I think it would be wise to contact a professional body such the Environment Agency and ask them if they can do a survey to estimate the stock levels in the pond and suggest a plan to improve the quality of the fishing.
    We of course do not have to follow their advice but it would enable the members to at least have a professional opinion to consider rather than just assuming that the problem of the poor silver fish returns lies solely in the Cormorant problem.
    Managing a fishery is not all about just tipping more fish into it in an effort to improve sport. If there are other factors at play as well as the Cormorants that are hindering the well being of the fish stocks then these will have to addressed as well. This is where a more professional body may be able to advise and help us.

  • Laurie French (Tuesday, July 16 19 11:44 am BST)

    Slow day yesterday for decent fish but plenty of small Roach and Skimmer. 3 Crucian banked.

  • Laurence French (Thursday, July 11 19 06:24 pm BST)

    Not a bad day again if you wan't sprat size Roach and Skimmer, loads of them. Poor day for for Tench, 3 Crucian in the bank and 2 Carp hooked but only one on the bank. a Mirror.

  • Laurie French (Wednesday, July 10 19 08:45 am BST)

    Great day again yesterday 9th July. Plenty of roach and small skimmer with the odd gudgion and Perch, 5 Tench all over pound and a quarter and 7 Crucian the latter 2 were the ones I was fishing for. All caught on very small punched bread.

  • Mike Bickley (Tuesday, July 09 19 11:01 pm BST)

    Jacksons fished hard tonight. Lost 2 carp on yellow wafter. Saw that everyone apart from Wayne and Paul were struggling so decided to bitbash instead. My pitiful weight was made up of roach, perch, Ide, gudgeon and 2 small skimmers. Fished peg 3.

Club Championship Table

Summer League.

Final Positions.


1. Mike Bickley 52pts

2. Mark Wheatcroft 45pts

3. Chris Bickley 39pts

4. Jack Walton 31pts

5. Chris Ridgway 28pts

J6. Lee Cherry 23pts

J6. Paul Slee 23pts

8. Wayne Slee 21pts

9. Danek Imiolek 19pts

10. Dave Parry 15pts

11. Dave Wheddon 14pts

J12. Tom Cherry 13pts

J12. Dean Slee 13pts

14. Rob Holtom 10pts

15. Mark Bowden 9pts

16. Louie Brown 8pts

J17. Daniel Russell 0pts

J17 Dave Yates 0pts

J17 Luke Yates 0pts


Tuesday Night League Table

Final positions.


1st Jim Fleming 100pts

2nd Lee Cherry 96pts

3rd Mike Bickley 92pts

4th Rob Holtam 68pts

5th Paul Slee 41pts

6th Jack Walton 39pts

7th Mark Bowden 22pts

8th Wayne Slee 15pts

9th Danny Russell 14pts

J10th Louis Brown 0pts

J10th John Turnbull 0pts



Winter League

Current standings*.


1st Matt Pinnock 9pts

J2nd Mike Bickley 10pts

J2nd Mike Smith 10pts

J2nd Dave Wheddon 10pts

3rd Mark Bowden 11pts

J4th Jim Fleming 18pts

J4th Chris Ridgway 18pts

5th Danek Imiolek 19pts

6th Tom Robinson 20pts

J7th Chris Bickley 21pts

J7th Rob Holtom 21pts

J7th Dave Parry 21pts

J8th Paul Wright 22pts

J8th Jack Walton 22pts

11th Graham Howe 26pts


* Worst 2 results will be deducted.

Lowest score wins.

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