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All R.A.C. matches are open to members only.


Anglers who are found to have left litter on their pegs after a match will be exlcuded from the results.


Members who dont attend matches that they have booked onto, will not be permitted to book onto subsequent matches until any outstanding funds are due.




Upcoming RAC events...



Tuesday Night League 27th July
Jackson's (Silvers)
Draw 5.30pm, fish 6.00pm until dusk
peg fee £ 1.00



Please book on via Match Sec Paul 

07764 610542​ (





Match Results



Sunday Summer League Round 6 18th July
Partridge Fisheries (Marsh)

1st Peg 4 Chris Bickley 55lb 12oz 15pts
2nd Peg 7 Dave Wheddon 44lb 7oz 14pts
3rd Peg 13 Dean Slee 42lb 15oz 13pts
4th Peg 16 Mike Bickley 27lb 5oz 12pts
5th Peg 10 Danek Imiolek 25lb 6oz 11pts
6th Peg 20 Paul Slee 24lb 8oz 10pts
7th Peg 1 Mark Rudol 7lb 7oz 9pts



Tuesday Night League Round 5 13th July 2021


1st Peg 6 Mike Bickley 36lb 11oz 15pts
2nd Peg 18 Tom Robinson 9lb 10oz 14pts
3rd Peg 30 Paul Slee 6lb 10oz 13pts
4th Peg 20 Daniel Russell 8oz 12pts



RAC Festival 2021 Boldings Pools, Bridgnorth, Shropshire.


Day 1 (Chestnut).


1st Peg 8 Dave Wheddon 83lb 14oz
2nd Peg 2 Mike Bickley 82lb 7oz
3rd Peg 9 Danek Imiolek 81lb 6oz
4th Peg 4 Paul Slee 80lb 2oz
5th Peg 3 Dean Slee 62lb 5oz
6th Peg 7 Mike Downs 59lb 2oz
7th Peg 6 Paola Bickley 33lb 6oz
8th Peg 5 Mark Rudol 27lb 2oz
9th Peg 1 Paul Wright 22lb 10oz


Day 2 (Oak).


1st Peg 2 Dean Slee 114lb 3oz
2nd Peg 1 Mike Downs 77lb 13oz
3rd Peg 8 Dave Wheddon 68lb 5oz
4th Peg 5 Paul Slee 48lb 12oz
5th Peg 7 Danek Imiolek 46lb 6oz
6th Peg 2 Mark Rudol 31lb 14oz
7th Peg 4 Mike Bickley 26lb 14oz
8th Peg 6 Paola Bickley 26lb 8oz


Final Standings (total weight).


1st Dean Slee 176lb 8oz
2nd Dave Wheddon 152lb 3oz
3rd Mike Downs 136lb 15oz
4th Paul Slee 128lb 14oz
5th Danek Imiolek 127lb 12oz
6th Mike Pike Hunter Bickley 109lb 4oz
7th Paola Bickley 59lb 14oz
8th Mark Rudol 59lb
9th Paul Wright 22lb 10oz (only fished 1 day)


Congratulations to Dean Slee, this years Festival winner. Many thanks to Match Sec Paul Slee for a fun and relaxing, smoothly run event, particularly given the late change of venue.


Tuesday Night League Round 4 15th June Jackson's


1st Peg 15 Mike Smith 14lb 12oz 15pts
2nd Peg 22 Paul Slee 7lb 2oz 14pts
3rd Peg 20 Lewis Carter 5lb 4oz 13pts
4th Peg 5 Mike Bickley 1lb 12oz 12pts
5th Peg 18 Daniel Russell DNW 0pts



Sunday Sunday Summer League Round 5 13th June
Fields Farm Fishery, Sandbach (Far Hope)

1st Peg 6 Danek Imiolek 28lb 10oz 15pts
2nd Peg 2 Chris Bickley 21lb 10oz 14pts
3rd Peg 10 Mark Rudol 12lb 4oz 13pts
4th Peg 6 Tom Cherry 9lb 6oz 12pts
5th Peg 8 Mike Bickley 9lb 4oz 11pts
6th Peg 4 Colin Cavanagh 4lb 9oz 10pts
7th Peg 5 Lee Cherry 3lb 1oz 9pts
8th Peg 9 Dean Slee 2lb 3oz 8pts
9th Peg 7 Paul Slee 8oz 7pts

Congratulations to Danek on his first RAC match win.



Tuesday Night League Round 3 1st June (silvers)



1st Peg 20 Lewis Carter 10lb 9oz 15pts
2nd Peg 12 Mike Bickley 9lb 1oz 14pts
3rd Peg 14 Daniel Russell 3lb 2oz 13pts
4th Peg 6 Paul Slee 2lb 1oz 12pts
5th Peg 16 Dean Slee DNW 0pts



Tuesday Night League Round 2 (carp)

18th May Jackson's


1st Peg 6 Mike Bickley 13lb 5oz 15pts

2nd Peg 19 Daniel Russell 9lb 14pts

3rd Peg 18 Matt Pinnock 8lb 13oz 13pts

4th Peg 30 Dean Slee 8lb 4oz 12pts

5th Peg 5 Paul Slee 5lb 2oz 11pts



Sunday Summer League Round 4 16th May 

Partridge Fisheries (Ribbon)


1st Peg 10 Dean Slee 48lb 8oz 15pts
2nd Peg 4 Paul Benson 38lb 1oz 14pts
3rd Peg 2 Paul Slee 36lb 8oz 13pts
4th Peg 14 Danek Imiolek 24lb 12oz 12pts
5th Peg 20 Mark Rudol 22lb 9oz 11pts
6th Peg 8 Chris Bickley 21lb15oz 10pts
7th Peg 12 Mike Bickley 20lb 11oz 9pts
8th Peg 16 Colin Cavanagh 14lb 13oz 8pts



Sunday Summer League Round 3 9th May
Old Hough (Big Max)

1st Peg 12 Dean Slee 82lb 15pts
2nd Peg 5 Mike Bickley 51lb 8oz 14pts
3rd Peg 1 Danek Imiolek 46lb 9oz 13pts
4th Peg 6 Paul Slee 42lb 9oz 12pts
5th Peg 2 Paul Benson 32lb 8oz 11pts
6th Peg 9 Chris Bickley 31lb 12oz 10pts
7th Peg 10 Mark Rudol 30lb 9pts
8th Peg 8 Simon Williamson 12lb 8oz 8pts
9th Peg 11 Mark Williamson 9lb 9oz 7pts


Tuesday Night League Round 1, 4th May

1st Peg 14 Matt Pinnock 4lb 7oz 15pts
2nd Peg 30 Dean Slee 3lb 9oz 14pts
3rd Peg 5 Paul Slee 1lb 4oz 13pts
4th Peg 20 Mike Bickley 2oz 12pts
J5th Peg 6 Daniel Russell DNW 0pts
J5th Peg 18 Tom Robinson DNW 0pts
J5th Peg 3 Danek Imiolek DNW 0pts


Fished in rain, wind and hale. Dreadful conditions. Great fun.



Sunday Summer League Round 2 25th April
The Ernie Duffy Trophy


1st Peg 3 Mark Wheatcroft 6lb 11oz 15pts
2nd Peg 22 Mike Bickley 4lb 10oz 14pts
3rd Peg 12 Paul Slee 3lb 7oz 13pts
4th Peg 16 Chris Bickley 3lb 12pts
5th Peg 14 Colin Cavanagh 2lb 3oz 11pts
6th Peg 5 Mark Rudol 14oz 10pts
7th Peg 20 Danel Imiolek 8oz 9pts
8th Peg 15 Paul Benson 1oz 8pts
J9th Peg 6 Matt Pinnock DNW 0pts
J9th Peg 30 Tom Robinson DNW 0pts



Sunday Summer league Round 1 11th April

Jacksons, The Belfield Trophy (silvers)

(new points system being trialled this year. 

15pts for a win, 14 for 2nd, etc)


1st Peg 22 Chris Bickley 5lb 4oz 15pts
2nd Peg 3 Graham Howe 4lb 1oz 14pts
3rd Peg 20 Colin Cavanagh 1lb 4oz 13pts
4th Peg 6 Mark Wheatcroft 1lb 1oz 12pts
5th Peg 18 Dean Slee 13oz 11pts
6th Peg 14 Wayne Slee 11oz 10pts
7th Peg 16 Mike Bickley 1oz 9pts
J8th Peg 13 Paul Benson DNW 0pts
J8th Peg 15 Lee Cherry DNW 0pts
J8th Peg 7 Danek Imiolek DNW 0pts
J8th Peg 12 Paul Slee DNW 0pts
J8th Peg Mark Rudol DNW 0pts
J8th Peg 9 Jack Walton DNW 0pts








Club Championship Table

Summer League.*


1st Chris Bickley 76pts

2nd Mike Bickley 69pts

3rd Dean Slee 62pts

4th Danek Imiolek 60pts

5th Paul Slee 55pts

6th Mark Rudol 52pts

7th Colin Cavanagh 42pts

8th Paul Benson 33pts

9th Mark Wheatcroft 27pts

J10th Graham Howe 14pts

J10th Dave Wheddon 14pts

11th Tom Cherry 12pts

12th Wayne Slee 10pts

13th Lee Cherry 9pts
14th Simon Williamson 8pts

15th Mark Williamson 7pts

J16th Jack Walton 0pts
J16th Matt Pinnock 0pts
J16th Tom Robinson 0pts



*15pts for 1st, 14pts for 2nd, down to 0 points for a DNW



Tuesday Night League Table


1st Mike Bickley 68pts

2nd Paul Slee 63pts

3rd Daniel Russell 39pts

J4th Lewis Carter 28pts

J4th Matt Pinnock 28pts

5th Dean Slee 26pts

6th Mike Smith 15pts

7th Tom Robinson 14pts

8th Danek Imiolek 0pts



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