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All R.A.C. matches are open to members only.


Anglers who are found to have left litter on their pegs after a match will be exlcuded from the results.



Upcoming RAC events...


Reddish Angling Club will resume club matches as follows - 



21st June Blundells (East & West) - The Ernie Duffy Trophy


5th July Lower Ridge Farm, Chester (18 pegs  max)


12th July Jacksons - Cliff Duffy Memorial


9th August Old Hough Fisheries (water to be confirmed)


23rd August Lower Ridge Farm, Chester (18 pegs max) - The Belfield Trophy


13th September Cheshire Oaks, Chester (16 pegs max)


27th September Nether Mill Coarse Fishery, Penistone (18 pegs max)




All matches will be operated conforming to Covid regulations.


All matches are 9.00am draw.


Please book your place with the Match Secretary.








Match Results

Match Results
Winter League Final Round
Lower Ridge Farm Fishery (Chester) 22nd March 2020



1st Peg 1 John Caiger 71lb 6oz 1pt
2nd Peg 6 Matt Pinnock 32lb 13oz 2pts
3rd Peg 2 Mike Bickley 20lb 13oz 3pts
4th Peg 7 Paul Henderson 13lb 14.5oz 4pts
5th Peg 3 Gary Speight 12lb 13oz 5pts
6th Peg 4 Mike Charlambous 7lb 10oz 6pts
7th Peg 5 Archie Davies 1lb 7pts


Congratulations to John Caiger on his emphatic win. John clinched the title in dramatic fashion !



Winter League Round 9

8th March 2020

Lower Ridge Farm (Chester)


1st Peg 1 Gary Speight 40lb 10oz 1pt

2nd Peg 7 Paul Henderson 15lb 3oz 2pts

3rd Peg 4 Matt Pinnock 11lb 6oz 3pts

4th Peg 8 Archie Davies 11lb 1.5oz 4pts

5th Peg 6 Mike Bickley 9lb 8oz 5pts

6th Peg 2 John Caiger 8lb 3oz 6pts

7th Peg 5 Steve Feast 3lb 7pts

8th Peg 3 Tom Cherry Did not weigh 13pts


Congratulations to Gary on his outstanding win.



Winter League Round 8

23rd February 2020

Meadow view Fisheries (Linnet)


1st Peg 6 John Caiger 17lb 12oz 1pt

2nd Peg 4 Matt Pinnock 17lb 10.5oz 2pts

3rd Peg 7 Mike Bickley 10lb 11.5oz 3pts

4th Peg 2 Archie Davies 9lb 2oz 4pts

5th Peg 1 Paul Henderson 3lb 10oz 5pts

6th Peg 5 Steve Feast 3lb 4oz 6pts

7th Peg 3 Mike Charalambous 2lb 7.5oz 7pts



Winter League Round 7 9th February
Moss Farm Fisheries (Amanda's)



1st Peg 7 Mike Bickley 20lb 3oz 1pt
2nd Peg 6 Mike Charalambous 13lb 2.5oz 2pts
3rd Peg 1 Paul Henderson 8lb 6oz 3pts
4th Peg 5 John Caiger 5lb 1oz 4pts
5th Peg 2 Archie Davies 2lb 13.5oz 5pts
6th Peg 3 Steve Feast 2lb 10oz 6pts
7th Peg 4 Matt Pinnock 2lb 8oz 7pts


Horizontal rain - thanks Ciara



Winter League Round 6
26th January 2020

Moss Farm (Millies)


1st Matt Pinnock 15lb 6oz 1pt
2nd Steve Feast 13lb 2oz 2pts
3rd Paul Henderson 11lb 4oz 3pts
4th John Caiger 8lb 7.5oz 4pts
5th Gary Speight 6lb 6.5oz 5pts
6th Archie Davies 3lb 11oz 6pts



Winter League Round 5

Sunday 12th January

Dunham Fisheries (Copper Beach)


1st Peg 18 Matt Pinnock 26lb 9.5oz 1pt
2nd Peg 16 Archie Davies 11lb 6.5oz 2pts
3rd Peg 9 John Caiger 10lb 9.5oz 3pts
4th Peg 14 Paul Henderson 5lb 14.5oz 4pts
5th Peg 7 Mike Charalambous 5lb 6oz 5pts
6th Peg 1 Steve Feast 4lb 1oz 6pts
7th Peg 4 Adam Harraughty DNW 13pts



The Fur and Feather Jacksons

Sunday 8th December


1st Peg 24 Rob Houlton Won

Everyone else didnt.


Well done Rob.



Winter League Round 4
Moss Farm Fisheries (Lilly's)


1st Peg 24 Matt Pinnock 30lb 1oz 1pts
2nd Peg 1 Steve Feast 9lb 5oz 2pts
3rd Peg 17 John Caiger 5lb 10oz 3pts
4th Peg 22 Archie Davies 2lb 10oz 4pts
5th Peg 20 Ian Mackenzie 1lb 12.5oz 5pts
6th Peg 13 Mike Charalambous 1lb 6oz 6pts
J7th Peg 8 Mike Bickley DNW 13pts
J7th Peg 12 Tom Cherry DNW 13pts
J7th Peg 5 Paul Henderson DNW 13pts


Congrats to Matt on making the most of Ice Station Zebra.




Winter League Round 3 17th November
Meadow View Fisheries (Linnet)


1st Peg 17 Steve Feast 9lb 12oz 1pt
2nd Peg 6 Tom Cherry 8lb 9.5oz 2pts
3rd Peg 9 John Caiger 6lb 13oz 3pts
4th Peg 8 Ian Mackenzie 2lb 2.5oz 4pts
5th Peg 20 Paul Henderson 1lb 6.5oz 5pts
6th Peg 21 Matt Pinnock 14.5oz 6pts
7th Peg 5 Mike Charalambous 12.5oz 7pts
8th Peg 19 Archie Davies 11oz 8pts
9th Peg 23 Wayne Slee 5.5oz 9pts
J10th Peg 3 Pete Johnson DNW 13pts
J10th Peg 24 Gary Speight DNW 13pts



Winter League Round 2 Sunday 3rd November.
Moss Farm Fisheries (Aprils)



1st Peg 27 Paul Henderson 18lb 4oz 1pt
2nd Peg 9 Adam Harraughty 16lb 12.5oz 2pts
3rd Peg 13 Tom Cherry 15lb 5oz 3pts
4th Peg 6 John Caiger 13lb 6.5oz 4pts
5th Peg 3 Mark Wheatcroft 11lb 12.5oz 5pts
6th Peg 7 Wayne Slee 10lb 12.5oz 6pts
7th Peg 22 Matt PInnock 10lb 2oz 7pts
8th Peg 12 Mike Charalmbous 9lb 14oz 8pts
9th Peg 4 Ian Mackenzie 9lb 6.5oz 9pts
10th Peg 30 Pete Lindley 3lb 4,5oz 10pts
11th Peg 28 Alan Beverley 2lb 10oz 11pts
12th Peg 10 Archie Davies 1lb 15oz 12pts
13th Peg 25 Lee Cherry 1lb 14oz 13pts
J14th Peg 24 Mike Bickley DNW 13pts
J14th Peg 31 Steve Feast DNW 13pts
J14th Peg 1 Gary Speight DNW 13pts



Winter League Round 1
Dunham Fisheries (Copper Beach)
Sunday 27th October


1st Peg 11 John Caiger 18lb 11oz 1pt
2nd Peg 1 Paul Henderson 10lb 13oz 2pts
3rd Peg 18 Wayne Slee 10lb 11oz 3pts
4th Peg 10 Mike Charalambous 8lb 9oz 4pts
5th Peg 4 Matt Pinnock 6lb 5oz 5pts
6th Peg 15 Gary Speight 5lb 8oz 6pts
7th Peg 12 Adam Harraughty 4lb 4oz 7pts
8th Peg 7 Archie Davies 3lb 12oz 8pts
9th Peg 13 Mark Wheatcroft 3lb 9oz 9pts
10th Peg 3 Mike Bickley 2lb 8oz 10pts
11th Peg 6 Alan Beverley 2lb 11pts
12th Peg 14 Steve Feast 1lb 12oz 12pts
13th Peg 16 Lee Cherry 1lb 4oz 13pts
14th Peg 5 Tom Cherry DNW 13pts



The Presidents Shield
Jackson's Sunday 6th October (Silvers)


1st Peg 12 Matt Pinnock 10lb
2nd Peg 10 Jack Walton 4lb 3oz
3rd Peg 5 Dennis Downes 3lb 12.5oz
4th Peg 9 Paola Bickley 3lb 9.5oz
5th Peg 30 Adam Harraughty 2lb 11.5oz
6th Peg 22 Mike McKeever 1lb 10.5oz
7th Peg 16 Simon Williamson 1lb 3.5oz
8th Peg 2 Tom Cherry Peg 2 DNW


Congratulations to Matt PInnock on his fine victory.




Deck Direct Summer Leage Final Round

22nd September 2019

Partridge Lakes Fisheries (Ribbon)


1st Peg 5 Lewis Carter 19lb 5oz 1pt

2nd Peg 19 Mark Wheatcroft 17lb 14oz 2pts

3rd Peg 3 Ian Mackenzie 12lb 10oz 3pts

4th Peg 4 Helen Stanfield 8lb 1.5oz 4pts

5th Peg 17 Mike Charalambouse 5lb 1.5oz 5pts

6th Peg 10 Simon Williamson 5lb 6pts

7th Peg 20 Paul Slee 4lb 5oz 7pts

8th Peg 9 Paola Bickley 3lb 14.5oz 8pts

9th Peg 8 Lee Cherry 3lb 10.5oz 9pts

10th Peg 6 Tom Cherry 3lb 8.5oz 10pts

11th Peg 15 Steve Feast 3lb 4.5oz 11pts

12th Peg 14 Mike Bickley 2lb 12pts

13th Peg 11 Paul Wright 1lb 14oz 13pts

14th Peg 13 John Caiger 3.5oz 13pts

15th Peg 16 Mark Williamson 1oz 13pts

J16th Peg Archie Davies DNW 13pts

J16th Peg Paul Henderson DNW 13pts

J16th Gary Speight  DNW 13pts


Lewis Carters third match win in a row (2 in the summer league) couldn't prevent Mike Bickley being crowned this years Club Champion.





Deck Direct Summer League Round 11

8th September 2019

Dunham Fisheries (White Oak)


1st Peg 21 Lewis Carter 49lb 10.5oz 1pt

2nd Peg 25 Paul Slee 45lb 3oz 2pts

3rd Peg 19 Mike Charalambous 23lb 8oz 3pts

4th Peg 32 Pete Lindley 19lb 13oz 4pts

5th Peg 30 Paul Henderson 13lb 10oz 5pts

6th Peg 24 Paola Bickley 12lb 14oz 6pts

7th Peg 28 Ian mackenzie 10lb 2.5oz 7pts

8th Peg 16 Mike Bickley 4lb 1.5oz 8pts

9th Peg 18 Archie Davies 4lb 1oz 9pts

J10th Peg 26 Alan Beverley DNW 13pts

J10th PEG 23 John Caiger DNW 13pts

J10th Peg 29 Steve Feast DNW 13pts



24 hour Fish-A-Thon 2019.



1st peg 18 Lewis Carter 157lb 13oz.
2nd peg 6 Mike Bickley 68lb 15.5oz.
3rd peg 30 Dave Mac 28lb 10oz.
4th peg 17 Laurie French 21lb 13oz.
5th peg 7 Helen Stanfield 16lb 8oz.
6th peg 5 Steve Feast 8lb 7oz.


A HUGE thank you to all the participants and an even bigger one to all the people who supported us in this endeavour. In particular Eric Fisher for providing the food to keep us going, Steve Feast and Pete Maddocks for setting everything up. Thanks to everyone who sponsored us (every penny raised goes to Francis House Childrens Hospice), it's why we do it :)


Deck Direct Summer League Round 10

18th August 

The Cliff Duffy Memorial Trophy (Jackson's)


1st Peg 20 Graham Howe 25lb 6oz 1pt

2nd Peg 12 Lee Cherry 19lb 13.5oz 2pts

3rd Peg 19 Paola Bickley 16lb 1oz 3pts

4th Peg 13 Paul Slee 13lb 6oz 4pts

5th peg 21 Mark Williamson 10lb 3.5oz 5pts

6th Peg 5 Mark Wheatcroft 9lb 3,5oz 6pts

7th Peg 15 Ian Mackenzie 5lb 2.5oz 7pts

8th Peg 14 Mike Bickley 4lb 9oz 8pts

9th Peg 16 Jack Walton 1lb 11oz 9pts

10th Peg 4 Simon Williamson 1lb 10oz 10pts

J11th Peg 17 Archie Davies DNW 13pts

J11th Peg 7 Mike Raida DNW 13pts

J11th Peg 6 Paul Wright DNW 13pts



Manchester Airport Pairs Trophy

Sunday 11th August



1st Peg 3 Archie Davies 17lb

      Peg 7 Mark Wheatcroft 9lb 8oz (Total 26lb 8oz)


2nd Peg 13 Tom Cherry 7lb 4oz

       Peg 17 Lee Cherry 10lb 1.5oz (Total 17lb 5.5oz)


3rd Peg 19 Paul Henderson 11lb 14oz 

      Peg 18 Stuart Briskhall 2lb 8oz (Total Weight 14lb 6oz)


4th Peg 22 Steve Feast 6lb 14oz

      Peg 20 Ian Mackenzie 8oz (Total 7lb 6oz)


5th Peg 14 Alan Beverley 2lb 7oz

      Peg 4 Helen Stanfield 12oz (Total 3lb 3oz)


6th Peg 30 Jack Walton 2lb 8oz

      Peg 6 Wayne Slee DNW (Total 2lb 8oz)


7th Peg 21 John Caiger 8oz (Total 1lb - Fished on his own so weight doubled)





Tuesday Night League Final Round

Jacksons 6th August (Carp count)


1st Peg 30 Wayne Slee 30lb 1pt

2nd Peg 18 Paul Slee 12lb 6oz 2pts

3rd Peg 7 Helen Stanfield 5lb 4oz 3pts

4th Peg 5 Lee Cherry 4lb 10oz 4pts

5th Peg 14 Archie Davies 2lb 10oz 5pts



Deck Direct Summer League Round 9 Sunday 28th July

Fir Tree Fisheries (Nooky Hollow)



1st Peg 14 Mike Bickley 86lb 14oz 1pt
2nd Peg 15 Mark Williamson 74lb 2pts
3rd Peg 13 Steve Feast 67lb 11oz 3pts
4th Peg 12 Ian Mackenzie 45lb 2.5oz 4pts
5th Peg 3 Mike Charalambous 40lb 6oz 5pts
6th Peg 9 Paola Bickley 38lb 12oz 6pts
7th Peg 8 Tom Cherry 30lb 4.5oz 7pts
8th Peg 1 John Caiger 26lb 10.5oz 8pts
9th Peg 11 Paul Henderson 25lb 12oz 9pts
10th Peg 10 Archie Davies 24lb 5oz 10pts
11th Peg 7 Helen Stanfeild 23lb 15.5oz 11pts
12th Peg 4 Alan Beverley 15lb 7.5oz 12pts
13th Peg 5 Simon Williamson 8lb 9.5oz 13pts
14th Peg 2 Lee Cherry 8lb 2.5oz 13pts
15th Peg 6 Paul Slee DNW 13pts



Tuesday Night League Round 7
Jacksons 23rd July (silvers)



1st peg 30 Wayne Slee 8lbs 1pt
2nd Peg 3 Paul Slee 7lb 14oz 2pts
3rd Peg 6 Ian Mackezie 5lb 2oz 3pts
4th Peg 18 Steve Feast 3lb 8oz 4pts
5th Peg 19 Mike Bickley 1lb 8oz 5pts
6th Peg 4 Archie Davies 1lb 6pts
7th Peg 16 Helen Stanfield 2oz 7pts.



Deck Direct Summer League Round 8

Brookside Fisheries (Kingfisher) Sunday 21st July



1st peg 13 Ian Mackenzie 58lb 9oz 1pt
2nd peg 4 Helen Stanfield 45lb 2pts
3rd peg 1 Paola Bickley 39lb 3pts
4th peg 6 Alan Beverley 38lb 8oz 4pts
5th peg 3 Mike Charalambous 31lb 5pts
6th peg 10 Mike Bickley 25lb 4oz 6pts
7th peg 14 Paul Slee 25lb 2oz 7pts
8th peg 11 Mark Wheatcroft 21lb 8oz 8pts
9th peg 15 Lee Cherry 19lb 12oz 9pts
10th peg 5 Simon Williamson 18lb 8oz 10pts
11th peg 12 Rob Houlton 18lb 11pts
12th peg 7 Archie Davies 10lb 4oz 12pts
13th peg 2 Steve Feast 7lb 8oz 13pts
14th peg 16 Mark Williamson 4lb 13pts
15th peg 8 Tom Cherry DNW 13pts
16th Peg - Adam McSmith DNW 13pts



Tuesday night league round 6

9th July Jacksons


1st peg 30 Wayne Slee 32lb 6oz 1pt
2nd peg 18 Paul Slee 17lb 10oz 2pts
3rd peg 3 Mike Bickley 1lb 8oz 3pts
4th peg 12 Archie Davies 9oz 4pts
5th peg 4 Lee Cherry 8oz 5pts




2019 festival Boldings pools day 1 results.


1st peg 21 Mark Williamson 52lb
2nd peg 10 Mike Downs 45lb 12oz
3rd peg 36 Mike Bickley 42lb 8oz
4th peg 18 Mike Charalambous 40lb 8oz
5th peg 6 Paul Henderson 33lb 8oz
6th peg 4 Gary Speight 30lb 8oz
7th peg 27 Paul Wright 30lb
8th peg 23 Archie Davies 27lb
9th peg 8 Paola Bickley 19lb 8oz
10th peg 30 Alan Beverley 16lb 10oz
11th peg 13 Steve Feast 16lb 8oz
12th peg 32 Simon Williamson 10lb 10oz
13th peg 15 John Caiger 9lb 10oz


Match fished in sweltering heat. Quite a few sunburnt anglers :)


2019 Festival Boldings pools day 2


1st peg 33 Mike Downs 66lb
2nd peg 50 Gary Speight 57lb
3rd peg 45 Mike Bickley 44lb 4oz
4th peg 30 Paul Wright 37lb
5th peg 21 Steve Feast 26lb 10oz
6th peg 24 Paul Henderson 26lb 8oz
7th peg 42 Paola Bickley 26lb 2oz
J8th peg 8 Alan Beverley 26lb
J8th peg 33 Mike Charalambous 26lb
10th peg 11 Mark Williamson 23lb
J11th peg 13 Archie Davies 16lb
J11th peg 4 Simon Williamson 16lb
13th peg 16 Josh Jones-Wright 15lb
14th peg 39 John Caiger 11lb


Total weights


1st Mike Downs 111lb 8oz
2nd Gary Speight 88lb
3rd Mike Bickley 86lb 12oz
4th Mark Williamson 75lb
5th Mike Charalambous 73lb 14oz
6th Paul Wright 67lb 4oz
7th Paul Henderson 60lb
8th Paola Bickley 45lb 10oz
9th Archie Davies 43lb
10th Alan Beverley 42lb 14oz
11th Steve Feast 42lb 6oz
12th Simon Williamson 26lb 10oz
13th John Caiger 20lb 14oz

14th Josh Jones-Wright 15lb (only fished 1 day)1


Congratulations to Mike Downs, the winner of this years festival and thanks to everyone who attended and made it such an enjoyable experience.





Tuesday Night League Round 5

June 25th Jackson's (Silvers)


1st Peg 30 Wayne Slee 19lb 13.5oz 1pt

2nd Peg 22 Ian Mackenzie 8lb 15.5oz 2pts

3rd Peg 12 Paul Slee 9lb 11oz 3pts

4th Peg 10 Mike Bickley 7lb 2oz 4pts

5th Peg 6 Lee Cherry 4lb 7oz 5pts

6th Peg 3 Helen Stanfield 4lb 2oz 6pts

7th Peg 18 Steve Feast 3lb 4oz 7pts

8th Peg 5 Archie Davies 2lb 12oz 8pts



Deck Direct Summer League Round 7

The Ernie Duffy Memorial Trophy (Jackson's)

Sunday 23rd June



1st Peg 3 Paul Slee 45lb 1oz 1pt

2nd Peg 19 Mark Wheatcroft 31lb 12oz 2pts

3rd Peg 5 Paola Bickley 20lb 6oz 3pts

4th Peg 30 Mike Bickley 17lb 9oz 4pts

5th Peg 20 Mike Charalambous 9lb 15oz 5pts

6th Peg 14 Ian Mackenzie 7lb 1oz 6pts

7th Peg 16 Helen Stanfield 3lb 15oz 7pts

8th Peg 8 Lee Cherry 3lb 13.5oz 8pts

9th Peg 4 Jack Walton 3lb 12oz 9pts

10th Peg 12 Mark Williamson 3lb 7.5oz 10pts

11th Peg 18 Archie Davies 6.5oz 11pts

12th Peg 17 Steve Feast 6oz 12pts

13th Peg 15 Simon Williamson did not weigh 13pts





Deck Direct Summer League Round 6

Sunday 16th June 

Blundells Fishery (East canal)


1st Peg 11 Mark Wheatcroft 34lb 5oz 1pt

2nd Peg 2 Mike Charalambous 21lb 3.5oz 2pts

3rd Peg 15 Mike Bickley 20lb 2oz 3pts

4th Peg 7 John Caiger 14lb 7oz 4pts

5th Peg 5 Paul Henderson 13lb 11oz 5pts

6th Peg 6 Adam MacSmith 11lb 15oz 6pts

7th Peg 1 Steve Feast 11lb 8oz 7pts

8th Peg 9 Ian Mackenzie 10lb 1oz 8pts

9th Peg 3 Mark Williamson 9lb 10oz 9pts

10th Peg 18 Archie Davies 7lb 9oz 10pts

11th Peg 4 Alan Beverley 5lb 11oz 11pts

12th Peg 13 Simon Williamson 5lb 6oz 12pts

13th Peg 14 Paul Slee 3lb 1oz 13pts

14th Peg 10 Lee Cherry 1lb 9oz 13pts




Tuesday night League round 4

Jacksons 11th June


1st peg 20 Wayne Slee 21lb 2.5oz 1pt
2nd peg 18 Lee Cherry 3lb 14oz 2pts
3rd peg 12 Mike Bickley 3lb 3pts
4th peg 14 Helen Stanfield 2lb 10oz 4pts
5th peg 4 Ian Mackenzie 2lb 6.5oz 5pts
6th peg 6 Paul Slee 2oz 6pts
7th peg 3 Archie Davies did not weigh 13pts



Deck Direct Summer League Round 5

Heronbrook Fisheries (Bridge Pool) 9th June


1st Peg 11 Paul Wright 67lb 12oz 1pt

2nd Peg 24 Mark Williamson 42lb 13.5oz 2pts

3rd Peg 7 Helen Stanfield 42lb 10oz 3pts

4th Peg 20 Paul Slee 41lb 4oz 4pts

5th Peg 5 Mike Bickley 36lb 1oz 5pts

6th Peg 13 Steve Feast 32lb 6.5oz 6pts

7th Peg 23 Archie Davies 32lb 5.5oz 7pts

8th Peg 18 Pete Lindley 28lb 5oz 8pts

9th Peg 30 John Caiger 27lb 14.5oz 9pts

10th Peg 31 Paul Henderson 27lb 4.5oz 10pts

11th Peg 25 Alan Beverley 26lb 6oz 11pts

12th Peg 29 Gary Speight 25lb 3.5oz 12pts

13th Peg 27 Mark Wheatcroft 24lb 8.5oz 13pts

14th Peg 26 Mike Charalambous 22lb 15.5oz 13pts

15th Peg 16 Dave Wheddon 20lb 3oz 13pts

16th Peg 9 Tom Cherry 15lb 12.5oz 13pts

J17th Peg 22 Paola Bickley 15lb 9.5oz 13pts

J17th Peg 28 Lee Cherry 15lb 9.5oz 13pts

19th Peg 3 Adam MacSmith 9lb 10.5oz 13pts

20th Peg 1 Josh Jones-Wright 8lb 9.5oz 13pts




Tuesday Night Round 3

28th May 2019 Jacksons (silvers)


1st Peg 16 Paul Slee 12lb 07oz 1pt

2nd Peg 14 Wayne Slee 7lb 10oz 2pts

3rd Peg 12 Steve Feast 3lb 1oz 3pts

4th Peg 20 Archie Davie 2lb 13oz 4pts

5th Peg 4 Dave Wheddon 2lb 11oz 5pts

6th Peg 19 Helen Stanfield 2lb 8.5oz 6pts

7th Peg 21 Mike Bickley 1lb 14oz 7pts



Deck Direct Summer League Round 4

19th May

Gawsworth Hall Fisheries (Serpentine canal)


1st Peg 1 Paul Slee 39lb 14.5oz 1pt

2nd Peg 21 Tom Cherry 19lb 6oz 2pts

3rd Peg 19 Ian Mackenzie 19lb 3pts

4th Peg 11 John Caiger 17lb 2oz 4pts

5th Peg 7 Mark Wheatcroft 15lb 6.5oz 5pts

6th Peg 23 Lee Cherry 13lb 15.5oz 6pts

7th Peg 9 Mark Williamson 11lb 8oz 7pts

8th Peg 2 Paul Henderson 11lb 3oz 8pts

9th Peg 10 Steve Feast 8lb 9.5oz 9pts

10th Peg 6 Helen Stanfield 7lb 4oz 10pts

11th Peg 4 Mike Downs 6lb 15oz 11pts

12th Peg 16 Mike Bickley 6lb 9.5oz 12pts

13th Peg 24 Paul Wright 5lb 4.5oz 13pts

14th Peg 8 Archie Davies 4lb 13pts

15th Peg 22 Adam Mactartansmith 13pts

16th Peg 3 Gary Speight 2lb 12.5oz 13pts

17th Peg 5 Paola Bickley 1lb 6.5oz 13pts

18th Peg 18 Simon Williamson 15oz 13pts

19th Peg 14 Lewis Carter 10oz 13pts

J20th Peg 12 Eric Fisher Did not weigh 13pts

J20th Peg 17 Alan Beverley Did not weigh 13pts

J20th Peg 13 Mike Charalambous Did not weigh 13pts


Great to see good numbers on a RAC match :)



Tuesday night League Round 2

15th May (Jackson's)


1st Peg 30 Paul Slee 63lb 2oz 1pt

2nd Peg 6 Wayne Slee 10lb 6oz 2pts

3rd Peg 21 Archie Davies 9lb 2oz 3pts

4th Peg 20 Helen Stanfield 5lb 12oz 4pts

5th Peg 16 Mike Bickley 5lb 2oz 5pts

6th Peg 5 Ian Mackenzie 4lb 2oz 6pts

7th Peg 4 Lee Cherry 2lb 14oz 7pts

8th Peg 14 Eric Fisher 2lb 12oz 8pts

9th Peg 18 Steve Feast 2lb 9oz 9pts


Deck Direct Summer League round 3. 12th May 2019

Bradshaw's fishery. Pool 6 

1st Mike Bickley 19lb 13oz 1 pt
1st Eric Fisher 19lb 13oz 1pt
3rd Paul Henderson 19lb 6oz 3pts
4th Mark Wheatcroft 18lb 14oz 4pts
5th John Caiger 15lb 1oz 5 pts
6th Adam Smith 13lb 5oz 6 pts
7th Ian Mackenzie 13lb 7 pts
8th Paola Bickley 12lb 13oz 8 pts
9th Steve Feast 10lb 11.5oz 9 pts
10th Paul Slee 10lb 7oz 10pts
11th Lee Cherry 9lb 10.5oz 11 pts
12th Mark Williamson 6lb 13oz 12 pts
13th Helen Stanfield 6lb 2oz 13 pts
14th Archie Davies 5lb 4oz 13 pts
15th Simon Williamson 1lb 12oz 13 pts.


A tie for first place with both Mike and Eric with the same weight.



Tuesday night league match round 1

7th May (Jackson's)


1st peg 20 Ian Mackenzie 10lb 3oz 1 pt
2nd peg 13 Dave Wheddon 7lb 3oz 2 pts 
3rd peg 22 Wayne Slee 5lb 12oz 3 pts
4th peg 12 Helen Stanfield 4lb 7.5oz (1 carp) 4 pts
5th peg 19 Mike Bickley 3lb 14oz (1 carp) 5 pts
6th peg 30 Pete Johnson 3lb 10oz (1 carp) 6 pts
7th peg 4 Archie Davies 13.5oz 7 pts
8th peg 6 Lee Cherry 1oz 8 pts
J9th peg 9 Steve Feast DNW 13 pts
J9th peg 14 Paul Henderson DNW 13 pts
J9th peg 8 Paul Slee DNW 13 pts


Deck Direct Summer League Round 2

Sunday 22nd April.

Fields Farm Fisheries (Farm pool)


1st Mike Bickley 35lb 12oz 1pt
2nd Paola Bickley 28lb 10 oz 2pts
3rd Ian Mackenzie 19lb 15oz 3pts
4th Dave Wheddon 18lb 7oz 4pts
5th Mark Williamson 14lb 5.5 oz 5pts
6th Eric Fisher 10lb 6oz 6pts
7th Lee Cherry 6lb 12oz 7pts
7th Tom Cherry 6lb 12oz 7pts
9th Steve Feast 5lb 10 oz 9pts
10th Mike Charalambous 5lb 9oz 10pts
11th Paul Slee 4lb 9oz 11oz 11pts
12th Simon Williamson 3lb 12oz 12pts
13th Mark Wheatcroft 2lb 10oz 13pts
14th Adam Smith 2lb 9.5oz 13pts
15th Archie Davies 1lb 9oz 13pts
16th John Caiger 1lb 7.5 oz 13pts
17th Paul Henderson DNW 13pts



Deck Direct Summer League Round 1 Jacksons.
The Belfield Trophy Sunday 7th April


1st Peg 30 Lee Cherry 4lb 1oz 1pt
2nd Peg 31 Paola Bickley 3lb 12oz 2pts
3rd Peg 10 Graham Howe 3lb 8oz 3pts
4th Peg 4 Helen Stanfield 3lb 4pts
5th Peg 14 Mike Bickley 2lb 14oz 5pts
6th Peg 19 Adam Smith 2lb 9.5oz 6pts
7th Peg 21 Dennis Downes 2lb 8oz 7pts
8th Peg 6 Ian Mackenzie 2lb 7.5 oz 8pts
9th Peg 5 Mark Wheatcroft 2lb 4.5oz 9pts
10th Peg 3 Steve Feast 1lb 13oz 10pts
11th Peg 18 Dave Wheddon 1lb 8oz 11pts
12th Peg13 Mike Charralambous 14.5oz 12pts
13th Peg 17 Eric Fisher 7oz 13 pts
14th Peg 9 Archie Davies 3oz 13 pts
14th Peg 20 Mark Williamson 3oz 13 pts
16th Peg 12 Simon Williamson 2oz 13pts
17th Peg 15 Paul Wright 1oz 13pts
18th Peg 7 Pete Johnstone DNW 13pts
18th Peg 8 Paul Henderson DNW 13pts
18th Peg 16 Paul Slee DNW 13pts
18th Peg 22 Tom Cherry DNW 13pts
18th Peg 23 John Caiger DNW 13pts


A great turn out for the first of the Summer league matches.


Congratulations to Lee Cherry on his maiden win. The first of many we're sure.



Club Championship Table

Championship Tables.


Deck Direct

Summer League.

Final Positions.
*Worst result deducted


1st Mike Bickley 54pts

2nd Ian Mackenzie 57pts

3rd Paola Bickley 67pts

4th Paul Slee 73pts

5th Mark Wheatcroft 78pts

6th Mike Charalambous 88pts

7th Mark Williamson 91pts

8th Lee Cherry 92pts

9th Helen Stanfield 99pts

10th Steve Feast 102pts

11th Paul Henderson 109pts

12th John Caiger 112pts

13th Archie Davies 124pts

14th Tom Cherry 125pts

J15th Adam MacSmith 130pts

J15th Simon Williamson 130pts

16th Lewis Carter 135pts

17th Eric Fisher 138pts

J18th Alan Beverley 139pts

J18th Graham Howe 139pts

19th Paul Wright 143pts

20th Pete Lindley 147pts

21st Dave Wheddon 148pts

22nd Jack Walton 153pts

23rd Dennis Downes 157pts

24th Gary Speight 158pts

J25th Mike Downs 161pts

J25th Rob Houltam 161pts

J26th Pete Johnson 163pts

J26th Josh Jones-Wright 163pts



Tuesday Night League

*Worst result deducted


1st Wayne Slee 9pts

2nd Paul Slee 17pts

3rd  Mike Bickley 32pts

4th Helen Stanfield 34pts

5th Archie Davies 37pts

6th Lee Cherry 46pts

7th Ian Mackenzie 47pts

8th Steve Feast 66pts

9th Dave Wheddon 82pts

10th Pete Johnson 96pts

12th Eric Fisher 98pts

13th Paul Henderson 103pts



Winter League Table
*Worst Result Deducted


1st John Caiger 24pts

2nd Matt Pinnock 28pts

3rd Paul Henderson 29pts

4th Archie Davies 48pts

5th Steve Feast 55pts

6th Mike Charalambous 60pts

7th Mike Bickley 78pts

8th Gary Speight 88pts

9th Tom Cherry 104pts

10th Wayne Slee 108pts

11th Ian Mackenzie 108pts

12th Adam Harraughty 112pts

13th Mark Wheatcroft 119pts

14th Alan Beverley 127pts

15th Pete Lindley 130pts

16th Lee Cherry 131pts

17th Pete Johnson 133pts


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