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All R.A.C. matches are open to members only.


Anglers who are found to have left litter on their pegs after a match will be exlcuded from the results.


Members who dont attend matches that they have booked onto, will not be permitted to book onto subsequent matches until any outstanding funds are due.




Upcoming RAC events...



Winter League Fixture list 
6th November Jacksons (silvers)
20th November Jacksons (carp count)
4th December Jacksons (silvers)
18th December Jacksons (carp count)
8th January Jacksons (silvers)
22nd January Cornfields Fishery, Burnley
5th February Cornfields Fishery, Burnley
12th February Gawsworth Fisheries (Wall Pool)
19th February Gawsworth Fisheries (Wall Pool)
All matches 8.30 draw, fish 10.00am until 3.30pm
Peg fees  £ 7.00 (Cornfields) £ 9.00 (Gawsworth)
 Pools optional.
Places limied to 15 pegs - book on with Match Sec .



We have also created a Facebook chat group dedicated to RAC matches, all members who would like to be added just let us know.




Match Results



Winter League Round 4 

Jackson's 08.01.23


1st peg 27 Mark Bowden 3lb 1pt

2nd Peg 14 Matt PInnock 1pt

J3rd Peg 20 Mike Bickley DNW 5pts

J3rd peg 12 Jack Walton DNW 5pts

J3rd peg 28 Dave Wheddon DNW 5pts


With Jackson's living up to its "difficult" winter fishing reputation, the venue for the remaining winter league matches will be changed. 

(see the fixture list above for details)





Winter League Round 3

Jackson's 04.12.22


1st Peg 14 Mike Smith 10lb 12oz (3 bream) 1pt

2nd Peg 20 Dave Wheddon 3lb 2oz (1 bream) 1pt

3rd Peg 6 Mike Bickley 3oz (1 skimmer) 1pt

J4th Peg 4 Chris Bickley DNW 5pts

J4th Peg 7 Mark Bowden DNW 5pts

J4th Peg 16 Jim Fleming DNW 5pts

J4th Peg 5 Rob Holtom DNW 5pts

J4th Peg 3 Graham Howe DNW 5pts

J4th Peg 21 Danek Imiolek DNW 5pts

J4th Peg 17 Dave Parry DNW 5pts

J4th Peg 9 Matt Pinnock DNW 5pts

J4th Peg  30 Chris Ridgway DNW 5pts

J4th Peg 18 Paul Wright DNW 5pts



Winter League Round 2

Jackson's 20.11.22


1st  peg 4 Mike Smith 7lb 5oz 1pt
2nd peg 17 Matt Pinnock 6lb 9oz 1pt

3rd peg 5 Mark Bowden 3lb 10oz 2pts
4th peg 20 Chris Ridgeway 3lb 5oz 1pt
5th peg 16 Danek Imiolek 3lb 4oz 2pts
6th peg 12 Dave Wheddon 2lb 3oz 3pts

7th peg 6 Mike Bickley 1lb 6oz 3pts
8th peg 18 Jim Fleming 9oz 2pts

J9th peg 21 Tom Robinson DNW 5pts
J9th peg 3 Dave Parry DNW 5pts
J9th peg 30 Rob Holtom DNW 5pts


Section winners

Mark Bowden Peg 5 3lb 10oz (1 bream)
Danek Imiolek Peg 16 3lb 4oz (1 bream)
Chris Ridgeway Peg 20 3lb 5oz(1 bream)






Winter League Round 1.

Jackson's 06.11.22

Superb turnout with 14 anglers coming to do battle, with the draw done and the all in called, the rain started ?‍♂️.. 

By the end of the match Mr Dave Wheddon took the honours with an impressive 20lb 2oz bag of silvers of peg 5.

Mike Bickley 2nd from his not so favourite peg 9, however he did the business with ide and a lovely bream. 

Thank you all for the turnout and let’s keep the momentum, see you all on the 20th for match 2 on Jackson’s ?


The winter league is being scored on a "section" basis.

1st peg 5 Dave Wheddon  - 20lb 2oz 1pt
peg 9 Mike Bickley  - 6lb 13oz 1pt

J3rd Peg 20 Tom Robinson - 6lb 7oz  1pt
J3rd Peg 21 Mike Smith - 6lb 7oz 1pt

5th Peg 14 Chris Bickley - 4lb 1oz 2pts

6th Peg 7 Matt Pinnock - 2lb 15oz 2pts

7th Peg 12 Jack Walton - 2lb 8oz 3pts

8th Peg 17 Dave Parry - 2lb 3oz 4pts

9th Peg 30 Jim Fleming - 1lb 14oz 3pts

10th Peg 4 Paul Wright - 1lb 12oz 3pts

11th Peg 3 Rob Holtom - 1lb 6oz 4pts

12th Peg 18 Mark Bowden - 11oz 4pts

13th Peg 16 Danek Imiolek - 9oz 5pts

14th Peg 6 Chris Ridgeway - DNW 5pts



Section Winners
Section 1 - Matt Pinnock peg 7 - 2lb 15oz
Section 2 - Chris Bickley peg 14 - 4lb 1oz
Section 3 - Tom Robinson & Mike Smith peg 20&21 - 6lb 7oz





Fur and Feather Jackson's 16.10.22



1st Peg 28 Rob Holtom 7lb
2nd Peg 16 Paul Slee 6lb 6oz 
3rd Peg 9 Mike Bickley 4lb 12oz
J4th Peg 6 Tom Robinson 4lb
J4th Peg 25 Mark Wheatcroft 4lb
5th Peg 5 Gary Rushworth 3lb 15oz
6th Peg 4 Jack Walton 2lb 8oz
7th Peg 17 Mark Bowden 10oz
8th Peg 7 Danek Imiolek 6oz
9th Peg 3 Louie Brown 4oz
10th Peg 12 Lee Cherry 2oz
11th Peg 26 Tom Cherry DNW




The Presidents Shield

Jackson's 11.09.22


1st Peg 3 Tom Cherry 17lb 5oz

2nd Peg 6 Mike Bickley 13lb 13oz

3rd Peg 4 Chris Bickley 11lb 4oz

4th Peg 5 Mike Mckeever 4lb 13oz

5th Peg 20 Jack Walton 4lb 8oz

6th Peg 7 James Law 2lb 4oz

7th Peg 30 Mark Bowden 6oz

8th Peg 18 Louie Brown DNW


Congratulations on a fine win Tom !



Sunday Summer League Final Round

The Clff Duffy Memorial Trophy

04.09.22 Jackson's


1st Peg 4 Mark Wheatcroft 15lb 10oz 15pts

2nd Peg 30 Mike Bickley 8lb 6oz 14pts

3rd Peg 20 Jack Walton 7lb 5oz 13pts

4th Peg 17 Lee Cherry 2lb 11oz 12pts

5th Peg 12 Danek Imiolek 1lb 6oz 11pts

6th Peg 16 Rob Holtom 1lb 3oz 10pts

7th Peg 3 Mark Bowden 6oz 9pts

8th Peg 1 Louie Brown 1oz 8pts

J9th Peg 6 Dave Yates DNW 0pts

J9th Peg 22 Luke Yates DNW 0pts


Mike Bickley is the 2022 Summer League Champion.





2022 24 hour Fish-A-Thon

Jackson's noon 27th until noon 28th August


1st peg 5 Louie Brown 65lb 8oz
2nd peg 18 Mike Bickley 46lb 15oz

3rd peg 20  Jim Fleming & Hugo Bardsley (Team Hugo) 35lb 6oz

4th peg 16 Rob Holtom 35lb 5oz

5th peg 30 Dave McGahey 24lb 8oz


Congratulations to Louie Brown on a fine victory.


A full write up can be found here -




The Manchester Airport pairs Trophy
Jackson's 21.08.22

1st Rob Holtom & Rob Holtom 24lb 12oz
2nd Mark Wheatcroft & Mike Bickley 19lb 10oz
3rd Lee Cherry & Paul Wright 10lb 8oz
4th Ton Cherry & Danek Imiolek 4lb 6oz
5th Louie Brown & Jack Walton 3lb 1oz

There was an odd number of participants so Rob's weight counted double. 

Congratulations Rob !




Tuesday Night League Final Round 09.08.22


1st peg 5 Rob Holtom 11lb 11oz 15pts
2nd peg 18 Jack Walton 9lb 3oz 14pts
3rd peg 21 Lee Cherry 5lb 4oz 13pts
4th peg 6 Mike Bickley 2lb 10oz 12pts
J5th Peg 30 Jim Fleming DNW 0pts
J5th Peg 16 John Turnbull DNW 0pts


Congratulations to Jim Fleming winner of the 2022 Tuesday Night League 




Tuesday Night League round 7 26.07.22


1st peg 3 Jim Fleming 8lb 9oz 15pts
2nd peg 6 Mike Bickley 8lb 1.5oz 14pts
3rd peg 18 Jack Walton 5lb 11oz 13pts
4th peg 16 Lee Cherry 2lb 12pts
5th peg 8 Mark Bowden 1lb 15oz 11pts
J6th peg 20 Danny Russell DNW 0pts
J6th peg 30 John Turnbull DNW 0pts


A warm welcome to John Turnbull, fishing his first match.


Tough fishing tonight with almost everyone losing at least 1 carp.

Only Jack Walton landed a "proper" carp.  





Tuesday Night League Round 6 12.07.22


1st peg 5 Jim Fleming 24lb 1oz 15pts
2nd peg 20 Danny Russell 21lb 8oz 14pts
3rd peg 6 Mike Bickley 4lb 5oz 13pts
4th peg 18 Rob Holtam 3lb 15oz 12pts
5th peg 8 Mark Bowden 1lb 11pts
6th peg 12 Lee Cherry 6oz 10pts
7th peg 15 Louis Brown DNW 0 pts




The Veterans cup Jacksons 10.07.22

1st peg 16 Rob Holtam 11lb
2nd peg 6 Paul Slee 8lb 11oz
3rd peg 7 Eric Joyce 3lb 9oz
4th peg 18 Jack Walton 1lb 13oz



Tuesday Night League Round 5 Jacksons 28.06.22

1st peg 3 Jim Fleming 15lb 10oz 15pts
2nd peg 6 Mike Bickley 10lb 7oz 14pts
3rd peg 20 Paul Slee 9lb 6oz 13pts

4th peg 18 Jack Walton 12oz 12pts
5th peg 5 Lee Cherry 4oz 11pts
6th peg 30 Mark Bowden DNW 0pts




Tuesday Night League Round 4 


1st peg 20 Wayne Slee 26lb 15pts
2nd peg 8 Paul Slee 24lb 12oz 14pts
3rd peg 5 Rob Holtam 6lb 6oz 13pts
4th peg 16 Jim Fleming 3lb 1oz 12pts
5th peg 18 Lee Cherry 1lb 11pts
J6th peg 22 Danny Russell DNW 0pts
J6th peg 30 Jack Walton DNW 0pts



Tuesday Night League Round 3 31st May 



1st Peg 18 Jim Fleming 46lb 3oz 15pts included 2 carp 19lb 12oz/15lb 10oz

2nd Peg 6 Rob Holtam 15lb 15oz 14pts

3rd Peg 30 Mike Bickley 14lb 6oz 13pts

4th Peg 5 Lee Cherry 4lb 8oz 12pts




Club Festival Townsend Fisheries, Cambridgeshire.

26th - 28th May



Position Angler Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Total
1st Paul Slee 57lb 13oz 29lb 4oz 72lb 10oz 159lb 11oz
2nd Mike Bickley 36lb 2oz 32lb 5oz 81lb 5oz 149lb 12oz
3rd Wayne Slee 17lb 11oz 43lb 8oz 85lb 6oz 146lb 9oz
4th Mike Downs 36lb 8oz 43lb 43lb 2oz 122lb 10oz
5th Dean Slee 33lb 12oz 38lb 9oz 46lb 13oz 119lb 2oz
6th Chris Bickley 38lb 6oz 29lb 1oz 38lb 10oz 105lb 1oz
7th Jack Walton 26lb 7oz 19lb 5oz 53lb 7oz 99lb 3oz
8th Mike McKeever 32lb 12oz 9lb 6oz 30lb 2oz 72lb 2oz
9th Simon Thewlis 27lb 4oz 18lb 15oz 21lb 11oz 67lb 14oz
10th Paola Bickley 24lb 5oz 12lb 15oz 29lb 7oz 66lb 14oz
11th Dave Wheddon 22lb 11oz 26lb 1oz did not fish 48lb 12oz


3 matches, with 3 different styles of fising, over 3 days with the total weight deciding the winner.

Match 1 was on a carp canal full of "pasties".

Match 2 was on a silvers canal.

Match 3 was on a mixed fishery.


The water levels were vey low as there had been no rain in the area for nearly a month so the expected weights on the canals didnt materialise. Fortunately, the water levels on the mixed water had been somewhat maintained and so fished more or less as expected.


In the last hour of the last match, Paul managed to tame 2 big carp (13lb 15oz and 16lb 11oz) to clinch the title having won the first match in good style. Wayne won the 2nd and 3rd matches to put himself in contention, while Mike Bickley's consistency over the 3 matches enabled him to just pip Wayne for 2nd place overall.


Away from the bank, the accomodation was very nice. Each evening was a convivial event, with many angling anecdotes swapped, ably assisted by the distilers and breweries of the world.


Congratulations to Paul on his fine win and many thanks to Paul for organising a great festival, that is greatly appreciated by all who attended. 


Thanks to all the members who came and made it such a good event. 


A special thanks to Colin Begbie from Townsend Fisheries for all the weigh-ins, his patience with our rabble, and for the prizes he donated to the winners.




Tuesday Night League Round 2 Jackson's 17.05.22


1st Peg 3 Jim Fleming 33lb 3oz 15pts
J2nd Peg 6 Mike Bickley 23lb 3oz 14pts
J2nd Peg 5 Rob Holtom 23lb 3oz 14pts
4th Peg 12 Lee Cherry 3lb 15oz 12pts
5th Peg 7 Paul Slee DNW 0pts



Sunday Summer league round 3, 8th May 2022. 
Cornfield farm fisheries, Burnley.


1st peg 1 Paul Slee 38lb 10oz 15pts
2nd peg 5 Mike Bickley 18lb 9oz 14pts
3rd peg 3 Dean Slee 17lb 2oz 13pts
4th peg 4 Chris Bickley 9lb 15oz 12pts
5th peg 2 Chris Ridgeway 2lb 2oz 11pts



Tuesday Night League Round 1

3rd May 2022

1st Peg 12 Lee Cherry 23lb 15oz 15 pts
2nd Peg 6 Paul Slee 21lb 4oz 14pts
3rd Peg 30 John Fleming 16lb 13oz (lost a carp) 13pts
4th Peg 5 Mike Bickley 5lb 3oz (lost 2 carp) 12pts

Congratulations to Lee, well fished.




Summer League Round 2 Jackson's 24.04.22
The Ernie Duffy Memorial Trophy


1st Peg 20 Mark Wheatcroft 9lb 7oz 15pts
2nd Peg 18 Dave Wheddon 9lb 14pts
3rd Peg 2 Chris Bickley 7lb 7oz 13pts
4th Peg 4 Mike Bickley 4lb 12oz 12pts
5th Peg 8 Lee Cherry 4lb 9oz 11pts
6th Peg 30 Wayne Slee 3lb 4oz 10pts
7th Peg 22 Jack Walton 1lb 8oz 9pts
8th Peg 3 Paul Slee 12oz 8pts
9th Peg 16 Dave Parry 5oz 7pts
10th Peg 5 Chris Ridgeway 2oz 6pts
11th Peg 6 Daniel Russell DNW 0pts






Sunday Summer League Round 1
The Belfield Trophy

Jackson's 10.04.22


1st Peg 12 Mark Wheatcroft 8lb 15pts
2nd Peg 18 Chris Bickley 4lb 8oz 14pts
3rd Peg 8 Tom Cherry 4lb 5oz 13pts
4th Peg 16 Mike Bickley 3lb 5oz 12pts
J5th Peg 3 Chris Ridgeway 1lb 2oz 11pts
J5th Peg 22 Wayne Slee 1lb 2oz 11pts
7th Peg 4 Jack Walton 2oz 9pts

J8th Peg 20 Dave Barry 1oz 8pts
J8th Peg 16 Danek Imiolek 1oz 8pts
J9th Peg 30 Lee Cherry DNW 0pts
J9th Peg 5 Dan Russel DNW 0pts
J9th Peg 14 Paul Slee DNW 0pts










Club Championship Table

Summer League.

Final Positions.


1. Mike Bickley 52pts

2. Mark Wheatcroft 45pts

3. Chris Bickley 39pts

4. Jack Walton 31pts

5. Chris Ridgway 28pts

J6. Lee Cherry 23pts

J6. Paul Slee 23pts

8. Wayne Slee 21pts

9. Danek Imiolek 19pts

10. Dave Parry 15pts

11. Dave Wheddon 14pts

J12. Tom Cherry 13pts

J12. Dean Slee 13pts

14. Rob Holtom 10pts

15. Mark Bowden 9pts

16. Louie Brown 8pts

J17. Daniel Russell 0pts

J17 Dave Yates 0pts

J17 Luke Yates 0pts


Tuesday Night League Table

Final positions.


1st Jim Fleming 100pts

2nd Lee Cherry 96pts

3rd Mike Bickley 92pts

4th Rob Holtam 68pts

5th Paul Slee 41pts

6th Jack Walton 39pts

7th Mark Bowden 22pts

8th Wayne Slee 15pts

9th Danny Russell 14pts

J10th Louis Brown 0pts

J10th John Turnbull 0pts



Winter League

Current standings*.


1st Matt Pinnock 9pts

J2nd Mike Bickley 10pts

J2nd Mike Smith 10pts

J2nd Dave Wheddon 10pts

3rd Mark Bowden 11pts

J4th Jim Fleming 18pts

J4th Chris Ridgway 18pts

5th Danek Imiolek 19pts

6th Tom Robinson 20pts

J7th Chris Bickley 21pts

J7th Rob Holtom 21pts

J7th Dave Parry 21pts

J8th Paul Wright 22pts

J8th Jack Walton 22pts

11th Graham Howe 26pts


* Worst 2 results will be deducted.

Lowest score wins.

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