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Current Match Rules
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2021 Summer match fixture list (Word format)
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All R.A.C. matches are open to members only.


Anglers who are found to have left litter on their pegs after a match will be exlcuded from the results.


Members who dont attend matches that they have booked onto, will not be permitted to book onto subsequent matches until any outstanding funds are due.




Upcoming RAC events...



Match Sec Paul has decided on Kingsnordley Fisheries, Bridgenorth for next years summer festival (18th & 19th June).
We are looking to confirm numbers so, interested members are invited to contact the Match Secretary Paul - details on the contact page.




Sunday Sunday Summer League Round 2

The Ernie Duffy Memorial Trophy (carp count)



Draw 9.00am, fish 10.00 until 4.00pm

Peg fee £ 1


Please book on via Match Sec Paul 

07764 610542​ (





Match Results



Sunday Summer league Round 1 11th April

Jacksons, The Belfield Trophy (silvers)

(new points system being trialled this year. 

15pts for a win, 14 for 2nd, etc)


1st Peg 22 Chris Bickley 5lb 4oz 15pts
2nd Peg 3 Graham Howe 4lb 1oz 14pts
3rd Peg 20 Colin Cavanagh 1lb 4oz 13pts
4th Peg 6 Mark Wheatcroft 1lb 1oz 12pts
5th Peg 18 Dean Slee 13oz 11pts
6th Peg 14 Wayne Slee 11oz 10pts
7th Peg 16 Mike Bickley 1oz 9pts
J8th Peg 13 Paul Benson DNW 0pts
J8th Peg 15 Lee Cherry DNW 0pts
J8th Peg 7 Danek Imiolek DNW 0pts
J8th Peg 12 Paul Slee DNW 0pts
J8th Peg Mark Rudol DNW 0pts
J8th Peg 9 Jack Walton DNW 0pts



Winter League Round 1.  25th October
Moss Farm Fisheries (Millies)

1st Peg 2 Name withheld 31lb 1.5oz 1pt
2nd Peg 8 Tom Cherry 24lb 11oz 2pts
3rd Peg 1 Mike Charalambous 21lb 3.5oz 3pts
4th Peg 6 Mike Bickley 12lb 3.5oz 4pts
5th Peg 12 Alan Beverley 11lb 8.5oz 5pts
6th Peg 5 Ian Mackenzie 9lb 11.5oz 6pts
7th Peg 7 Archie Davies 6lb 2.5oz 7pts
8th Peg 3 Chris Bickley 5lb 9oz 8pts
9th Peg 9 Steve Feast 4lb 1oz 9pts
10th Peg 10 John Caiger 3lb 8.5oz 10pts
J11th Peg 11 Danek Imiolek did not weigh 13pts
J11th Peg 4 Pete Lindley did not weight 13pts








Club Championship Table

Summer League.

*worst result deducted

League table will appear here.



Winter League Table

will appear here. (maybe next year)



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