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Jacksons Pond. News, pictures announcements.

All members are reminded of the importance of not taking cans onto the pond and removing ALL litter from their peg at the end of a session.  ANY member found to have left litter on the pond will be subject to a two week suspension.


During matches pegs 23-28 are reserved for pleasure anglers.  Should any disabled person wish to pleasure fish when a match is on, please contact the match sec.


Here's a aerial pic of Jacksons pond with the peg numbers, click to enlarge.




Members are reminded that the use of  braid, barbed or whisker barbed hooks  and floating baits are prohibited on Jackson's pond.


For full details on the rules of our club and fishery please see the notice board at the entrance to Jackson's or download the latest rule book from the membership info page of this website.


Archie Davies landed this lovely little crucian carp, one of several along with lots of 4-6" skimmers and loads of young roach. Jackson's is really healthly at present.














One week later and Louie lands a fish that isnt his PB



Louie Brown with his PB Common Carp of 20lb





Paul Johnson peg 30 25.08.22



Tom Dallingers superb 21lb 10oz common caught 03.08.22














Dave Read with a 10lb+ mirror carp that looks in perfect condition from peg 21. 30.07.22



















Laurie French with one of our lovely crucian carp. The crucians have been showing really well recently, some of them are over 2lb. 


If you want to target crucians light gear is best, with your float as finely dotted down as you can as the bites can be so delicate.


Lovely picture Laurie.






Dave "18 baits" Mulcahy with the final fish of a successful dawn to dusk session on Jackson's that included an 18lb common carp. Well done Dave !




















The vegetation on the floaing islands is growng nicely.
























Head Bailiff Lee with a nice carp. Just one of a good session with Lee catching multiple bream too.



























Work party 23.04.22


A big thank you to all the members who attended the work party.

27 members attended which is the best turnout for years. 
The floating islands were constructed and (mostly) floated out. The paths were cleared and foliage trimmed and cleared. 
A very well done to everyone who contributed - who were (in no particular order)



Laurie French 

Dave Gooch 
Peter Hamilton 
Ian Hartley 

Paola Bickley
Alan McWilliams 
Mike Bickley 
Chris Flood 
Ryley Flood 
Stephen Molineaux 
David Mutch 
Wayne Slee
Rick O'Pray 
Robert Popliolek  
Danek Imiolek 
Danny Russell 
Paul Slee 
Helen Stansfield 
Simon Thewlis 
Mark Wheatcroft 
Simon Williamson 
Dave Bux 
Stephen Mallon 
Paul Johnson 
Chris Bickley 
Lee Cherry 
Tommy Dallenger



Scott with a 14lb Common 29.04.21





A selection of bream caught by Lewis Carter Peg 20 27.04.21




New fish added to Jackson's on 25.11.20























A fine chub from Jacksons Pond.



New member Martin Cox with a nice carp caught on his first visit to Jacksons 10.06.16.

Martin also had 10 bream, all on corn from peg 6.



A nice common carp from peg 20. 3lb mainline, 1.7lb bottom, 20's hook, single red maggot.


Deb with another great carp from peg 18.


Head Bailiff Archie Davies with a super 19LB 15oz mirror carp. A new PB for Archie, this fish was caught during a silvers match so sadly only counted as 1LB.



Paola Bickleys 14lb 4oz winning haul 06.09.15



Sean Bowen with a fine common carp. Estimated at 14lb. Peg 17.


Stuart Mather with a nice common from peg 21. Nice to see some decent fish come out of that peg !


Sean Bowen with another dog from peg 4.


Paola Bickley with a fine bream caught from peg 8.



A few random pics of fish and or jacksons.


Minutes Sec Deb with another fine carp. Peg 18 if I'm not mistaken.



Here's proof that it is possible to sleep and fish at the same time :)



Frank Dennis with another nice common carp.


Aeration pump at work on jacksons pond.


Club Minutes Sec Deb with a nice 7lb mirror carp


Club Sec Helen with a fine 3lb 10z bream


Francis Dennis landed this fine carp recently. Franics reports that it weighed in at 21lb.


Head Bailiff Archie Davies with a lovely common carp.


New member James Martin with what is probably the biggest fish in Jacksons. The fiswhich some of the lads have called "Big Boy" was caught last year at 17.4lb and 18.3lb.


This superb mirror carp was the best of three that Sean caught to win the Tuesday night match on 20.05.15

(This is Sean's 3rd match win in a row).



A nice carp caught by Archie Davies.



Steve Feast with a fine 15lb carp caught on corn. The best of 3 from that session.

Sean Bowen with a great 2lb+ perch

Bailiff Archie Davies with a fantastic 2lb+ chub caught 12.02.2015 on caster. Archie reports that the fishing on Jacksons pond has been very good over the last week or so and that he has landed over 20 carp in the last ten days !



New stock added January 2015

Club Championship Table

Summer League.

Final Positions.


1. Mike Bickley 52pts

2. Mark Wheatcroft 45pts

3. Chris Bickley 39pts

4. Jack Walton 31pts

5. Chris Ridgway 28pts

J6. Lee Cherry 23pts

J6. Paul Slee 23pts

8. Wayne Slee 21pts

9. Danek Imiolek 19pts

10. Dave Parry 15pts

11. Dave Wheddon 14pts

J12. Tom Cherry 13pts

J12. Dean Slee 13pts

14. Rob Holtom 10pts

15. Mark Bowden 9pts

16. Louie Brown 8pts

J17. Daniel Russell 0pts

J17 Dave Yates 0pts

J17 Luke Yates 0pts


Tuesday Night League Table

Final positions.


1st Jim Fleming 100pts

2nd Lee Cherry 96pts

3rd Mike Bickley 92pts

4th Rob Holtam 68pts

5th Paul Slee 41pts

6th Jack Walton 39pts

7th Mark Bowden 22pts

8th Wayne Slee 15pts

9th Danny Russell 14pts

J10th Louis Brown 0pts

J10th John Turnbull 0pts



Winter League

Current standings*.


1st Matt Pinnock 9pts

J2nd Mike Bickley 10pts

J2nd Mike Smith 10pts

J2nd Dave Wheddon 10pts

3rd Mark Bowden 11pts

J4th Jim Fleming 18pts

J4th Chris Ridgway 18pts

5th Danek Imiolek 19pts

6th Tom Robinson 20pts

J7th Chris Bickley 21pts

J7th Rob Holtom 21pts

J7th Dave Parry 21pts

J8th Paul Wright 22pts

J8th Jack Walton 22pts

11th Graham Howe 26pts


* Worst 2 results will be deducted.

Lowest score wins.

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