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Annual General Meeting 2022

Notices of Motion 2022


Any rule changes have to be discussed and voted on at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which is held every year in December. Members who wish to propose a rule change must submit a Notice of Motion (NOM) in writing to the committee no later than the September meeting. Each NOM must be proposed and seconded by an exisitng member. Each submitted NOM will be read out at each of the September, October and November meetings. However, they cannot be discussed until the AGM.



Committee members standing for election


Club Secretary - Helen Stanfield - currently co-opted to post

Match Secretary - Rob Holtom - currently co-opted to post



Notices of motion from the committee -



Changes to matches and the match use of the pond.


Rule 32 pertaining to Tuesday night matches shall be removed.

In the “match rules Access” the line reserving pegs 23-28 for pleasure anglers to be removed along with the entry pertaining to Tuesday night matches.

When matches are to be held on Jackson’s pleasure anglers may use any peg they choose (pegs 23-28 will no longer be reserved for pleasure anglers).

Matches will take the form of a “rover” with match anglers choosing any vacant peg they wish to use.

Matches will be predominately held on Jackson’s (match sec to provide the fixture list)

The league points system will revert to 1 point for a win, down to 13 points for 13th place and below, 15 points for non attendance. Anglers will be able to drop their worst 2 or 3 results (match sec to confirm this number based on the number of matches that constitute the leagues fixture lists).



The use of keepnets


Keepnets may only be used in bonefide RAC matches.



The use of nuts as bait.


Rule 23 to be amended to include "nuts of any kind".



Unhooking of fish


No fish to be unhooked on the ground, this includes laying your landing net on the ground. If an angler is unable to unhook a fish in the landing net on their lap, an unhoooking mat must be used.



One hook


Rule 15 to be amended to "one rod with one single hook to be fished at any one time"



Types of line permitted.


Rule 18 to be amended to ""braided line and wire traces are prohibited (only monofilament line and hook lengths may be used)



Honorary members


Honorary members who do not collect their membership cards for 5 consecutive years to be considered "membership lapsed" 














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