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Annual General Meeting 2021


The Annual General Meeting (AGM) took place on 1st December 2021 at Houldsworth Working Mens Club 8.30pm. 



Officers standing for relection or election - 


Chairman - Mike Bickley - duly elected

Treasurer - Simon WIlliamson - duly elected

Junior Secretary - Paul Wright - not present, not voted on

Match Sectreatry - Paul Slee - duly elected

Head Bailiff - Lee Cherry - duly elected

Membership Secretary - Simon Thewlis - duly elected

Banks Officer - Mark Wheatcroft - duly elected

General purpose committee member - Mark Williamson - duly elected

General purpose committee member - Dave Wheddon - duly elected



The following posts are vacant and members interested are invited to contact the committee


Club Secretary - Essentially the "Top Job", the Club Secretary co-ordiantes, with the other committee members and general membership, all the activities of the club.


Minutes Secretary - Keeping an accurate record of the events of the Committee, General, and Annual General meetings and providing a copy of the minutes to the Club Secretary and Chairman.


Fisheries Officer - At present the regeneration program that is a "work in progress" is looked after by the committee as a whole. However, if a member with the appropriate experience and knowledge of lentic ecosystems were available, the club would be glad to have them on board.


The notices of motion that were proposed by club members were read out at the preceding 3 general meetings. 


Notices of Motion proposed for 2021


Laurie French and Rick O'PrayThe number of pegs reserved for pleasure anglers on Jacksons during matches  be increased to 10. - The motion was DEFEATED


Laurie French and Rick O'Pray - Should any able bodied angler be using a disabled peg when pleasure fishing, when a disabled angler arrives to fish. Then, the able bodied angler must vacate that peg should the disabled angler request it. (This rule would not apply to bona-fide club matches).


This motion was amended to - should all 3 disabled pegs be used by non-disabled anglers, a disabled member has the right to ask one of them to move to another peg. (does not apply when used in bone-fide club matches).


The amended motion was PASSED


The committee - Increase the clubs membership to 250 - motion PASSED


The committee - Ground bait may be used in moderation, by pole cup and feeder only.

This motion was amended to ground bait may be used up to a maximum of 1kg per visit. 


The amended motion was PASSED

The committee - Revoke rule 25 which says "all unused bait must be taken away (it must not be thrown into the water)


The motion was PASSED


The committee - Change the "associate membership" to a "carers permit" Motion PASSED








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