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AGM 2020


Notices of Motion 


  • If a member wishes a rule to be changed or amended they must submit a written notice by the September meeting prior to the AGM.
  • The written notice of motion should fully detail the change that is desired and must be seconded by another club member. A written notice of motion must be submitted for each rule change that is required.
  • The notice of motion should be read out at each of the three general meetings prior to the AGM thus giving member’s time to consider the matter(s).
  • A notice of motion may be withdrawn prior to the AGM by the proposing member only. This must be done in writing to the committee.
  • The proposing member and the seconder member of the motion must both be present at the AGM if the motion is to be heard.





Committee notices of motion.



1. Rule 17 pertaining to fishing on Jackson's to be amended to "A single, barbless hook only, maximum size 10"



2. A new rule regarding the use of feeders to read "All feeders to be free running (Guru X-Safe is acceptable)"

Club Championship Table

Summer League.

*worst result deducted

Final positions.


1st Mike Bickley 26pts

2nd John Caiger 32pts

3rd Mike Charalambous 36pts

4th Paul Henderson 37pts

J5th Lewis Carter 41pts

J5th Ian Mackenzie 41pts

J5th Mark Williamson 41pts

6th Chris Bickley 48pts

7th Paul Slee 51pts

8th Steve Feast 55pts

9th Alan Beverley 60pts

10th Archie Davies 62pts

11th Jack Walton 65pts

12th Tom Cherry 67pts

13th Matt Pinnock 68pts

14th Simon Williamson 73pts

15th Gary Speight 74pts

16th Dave Wheddon 78pts

17th Tom Robinson 79pts

J18th Graham Howe 81pts

J18th Wayne Slee 81pts

19th Lee Cherry 82pts

20th Danek Imiolek 84pts

21st Dave Gooch 85pts

22nd Adam Harraughty 88pts



Winter League Table

will appear here. (maybe next year)



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