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Sadly, we must tell you that Jackson's will be closed until further notice.

We will re-open the pond immediately the "stay at home" instruction is rescinded.

Stay safe.

The committee.





The first application of Siltex has been done on Jackson's. The lads spread approximately 2/3 of a ton evenly over the surface of the pond. They reported that almost immediately lots of small silvers were seen to top along with a few bigger fish. The water may look a little "milky" for up to a week, but be assured that it poses no danger to the fish, anglers or the environment. 




The Angling Trust | NEWS

Re-Launch RiverFest Tickets - Tuesday 7th April 12:00 (Mon, 06 Apr 2020)
The Largest running water competition is primed to open entries once more on Tuesday April 6th at 12:00. The online booking system formed a glitch shortly after launch this morning, which we have worked hard to fix in readiness for tomorrow.
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Fishing Buzz - new website launched to keep anglers entertained during the Covid-19 lockdown (Fri, 03 Apr 2020)
The Angling Trust has launched a new website - Fishing Buzz - to keep anglers and their families entertained during the Covid-19 lockdown and help relieve some of the stress and worries we’re all experiencing right now.
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This summer’s Fish‘O’Mania has been postponed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Fish‘O’Mania Final will now take place on Saturday, August 29th, starting at 11:30am at Hayfield Lakes, Doncaster.
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